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Legacy of Adrian Blackthorn, Vampire

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Legacy of Adrian Blackthorn, Vampire


Legacy of Adrian Blackthorn, Vampire is published by Publish America. You can order it from or


Is the account of a young Englishman of noble birth who, after being cast-out by his father because of an indiscretion. Must leave Blackthorn castle and seek his fortune in the army where he is able to buy a junior officers commission in the Cold Stream Guards.

 It is 1854 and the outbreak of the Crimean War takes him to the Ukraine where he is wounded in battle. He wakes up on the battlefield that is littered with the dead bodies of his comrades.  Weak from his wound and in no shape to find his unit young Blackthorn seeks shelter in a cave. Unaware that it is home to Drago, a thousand year old Vampire. Drago turns the young officer into a Vampire fledgling to keep as a slave. Despite, being a Vampire, held in bondage by the mad Drago. Blackthorn is determined to return to England and claim his birthright.

Jul 6 2007 8:01A

Hello to a fellow author! I just wanted to let you know that I am currently reading "Legacy of Adrian Blackthorn, Vampire". Though I don't usually read horror fiction, I have to say this is one of the best I've read in this genre; and one of the best Publish America books I've read so far!

Thanks for adding me :-)


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